#KAUTEXplores Road Trip Takes New Products Across America

July 23, 2021

It's no secret the automotive industry is changing. From moving parts down an assembly line to 3D printed vehicles, automotive suppliers are constantly updating their products and processes to keep up with the changing marketplace. At Kautex, we are striving to be at the forefront of change and always be driving the future. 

In 2021 July, we sent a vehicle equipped with some of our favorite products (and a few new ones we tested) from Michigan to California on a cross-country road trip. #KAUTEXplores was a multi-faceted opportunity to test these new products in a variety of environments, explore the influential sites of the country, and engage with different OEMs in California. 


pentatonic battery system_

Kautex has a proven track record in being first to market with innovative solutions. In thinking about the future of mobility, our main goal was to consider propulsion differently and change the establishment. 

Enter Pentatonic. It's a full battery system with thermal management capabilities. Unlike other heavy and unyielding steel and aluminum battery housings, Pentatonic offers a customizable, lightweight solution. Available in either thermoplastic composite or a composite metal hybrid, Pentatonic can be utilized in electric vehicles - from full hybrid to full battery. 

water generation_

Kautex believes in sustainability and working to reduce our carbon footprint. A new product we're testing, unofficially named Water Generation, offers a unique opportunity to provide a new level of comfort to the consumer while respecting the environment. By extracting water from the environmental humidity, the Kautex Water Generation system will bring vehicle comfort to a new level with multiple services. 

Our Water Generation is tied closely to our Clear Vision Systems Allegro product line. Allegro cleans partially to fully autonomous vehicle cameras and sensors, using smart and sustainable components. What better way to clean these systems than to capture existing water on the vehicle and repurpose it for this function, creating a "circular environment" within the the vehicle architecture. 

As an added bonus, the Water Generation system generates warm and cold drinks anywhere at anytime. With the system designed to fit in the spare wheel compartment, the Water Generation system complements current vehicle design and is scalable in terms of size and energy consumption.

cabin comfort_

At Kautex, customer comfort is a priority of ours when brainstorming innovation, and technology advancements are constantly influencing consumers’ expectations. Vehicle interior offerings and cabin comfort will be differentiating factors in the passenger’s mobility experience.

Virtuoso offers unique thermal comfort and improved air quality for passengers for peace of mind during travel. A smart headliner with an integrated, vertical, draft-free air distribution system cocoons each passenger with a gentle flow of clean air. The air-shower allows each passenger to set their own microclimate, creating an individual and comfortable experience. 

Vehicle in front of Eastern Market (Detroit) open air market