Allegro cleaning systems_

Our Allegro and Allegro Premium Cleaning Systems clean partial to fully autonomous vehicle cameras and LiDARS, using smart and sustainable components.

Our Allegro systems have been developed through a combination of our extensive experience within the automotive industry, as well as understanding the needs of our customers. With this experience, we we deliver high-performance Allegro systems designed to fit any needs:



Uses water and air clearing systems to clean multiple camera points and LiDARs in the vehicle, including in rainy and adverse weather conditions. The system also includes heated components for colder weather applications.

Allegro Premium

A smart controlled cleaning system based on years of cleaning expertise. Allegro Premium brings together our highest performing components and logic to tackle cleaning requirements in any environment.


High performance cleaning
  • Fast responding cleaning solution with high performance components
  • Effective cleaning solutions developed with the use of simulation and advanced testing methods
All weather cleaning

Cleaning solution for all environmental conditions

  • Heated tanks, hose, and nozzle options for colder weather
  • Air cleaning options during rain and adverse weather conditions
  • Up to 100% recylced material for the Allegro wash tank
  • Increased durability: up to 6x more durable than a standard screen wash pump
  • System weight reduction
  • Reduced energy consumption through smart cleaning
Enhanced safety capabilities
  • Integration of cleaning know-how under various environmental conditions
  • Tailored cleaning strategy for each sensor and sensor location allowing for higher availability of sensors
  • Cleaning software intelligently prioritizes sensors through coordination of actuators
  • Convenient predictive maintenance capabilities
Technical highlights
  • Intelligent cleaning system minimizes fluid consumption and saves time, utilizing efficient nozzle technology and cleaning software
  • Weight reduction due to reduced tank size and weight
  • Fewer refills for the consumer for maximized convenience
  • Low noise components
  • System in line with advanced EMC requirements
  • Design & packaging expertise in vehicle integration
    • Customized portfolio for a full system for customer specific needs
    • Compact styling solutions
    • Hidden wash solution with invisible nozzles
Experts in simulation & testing
  • Fluid dynamic simulation capability to develop effective and efficient water and air clear solutions
  • Structural simulation in the design loop to improve the development process and reduce testing requirements
  • Dynamic Test Bench performs Environmental cleaning tests with sensor surroundings at various speeds and temperatures 
Global services
  • Full system supplier
  • Local design and manufacturing support
  • Mass production capabilities
  • Global assistance

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