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Our Allegro and Allegro Premium Cleaning Systems clean partial to fully autonomous vehicle cameras and LiDARS, using smart and sustainable components.
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Keeping Sensors Clean

Dirt, debris, weather and other environmental conditions can affect the performance of vehicle sensors. With the Kautex Allegro cleaning system, sensors are kept clear of these external factors, using both water and air cleaning, and the performance of the vehicle and sensors remain maximized.

Our intelligent and customizable Allegro cleaning systems can be used from L1 to L5 vehicles, and is designed and developed to meet any customer cleaning needs. 

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Watch our Video

Watch our video to learn more about system itself and our partnerships with different LiDAR suppliers to develop a fully functioning sensor cleaning system

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Benefits of an Allegro Cleaning System

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High Performance Cleaning

High performance components respond to external situations quickly and efficiently. These effective cleaning solutions were developed with the use of simulation and advanced testing methods. For more information about our wide range of high performance components, including silent pumps and  and unique testing capabilities, talk to one of our experts!

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Our Allegro wash tank uses up to 100% recycled material, and is up to 6x more durable than a standard screen wash pump, causing less waste due to its longevity. There is an overall system weight reduction, as well as a reduction in energy consumption, due to smarter cleaning and software-controlled prioritization of cleaning points.

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Smart, Safe Capabilities

Integration of cleaning know-how under various environmental conditions with our customized Allegro portfolio for full system cleaning. Tailored cleaning strategy for each sensor and sensor location allows for higher availability of sensors, while cleaning software intelligently prioritizes sensors through coordination of actuators.

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Experts in Simulation & Testing

Dynamic Test Bench performs environmental cleaning tests with sensor surroundings at various speeds and temperatures, allowing us to develop effective and efficient water and air clear solutions. We also reduce testing requirements and improve the development process through structural simulation in the design loop.