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At Kautex, ideas are put into motion.

Nothing is more consistent than change, and today's business environment is full of it, with fast-paced innovation and technology that seems to improve (and change!) by the minute. It's fair to say the developments shaping our future today were considered science fiction 20 years ago.

Our journey to "Vision 2030" is our opportunity to reinvent our company and our culture – come join us on the journey!

We are looking for talented individuals with a range of cultural backgrounds and perspectives who can help us support our global customers and pursue technological advancement. All our employees must share a few things in common: energy, drive for results, continuous improvement, and the willingness and ability to adapt quickly to ever-changing conditions.

At Kautex, we are a company where ideas are put into motion by those who are accelerating the future. Working at Kautex means driving your own success story.

I was given the opportunity to take on different responsibilities early on. That's why I am here. For almost 30 years now.

Rolf Deindörfer

Director Manufacturing Technology EU

Drive the Future of Your Success

Man holding a tool standing in front of a battery system

Engineering & Design

For those invested in developing and improving vehicle systems while also making sure they look very cool.

Woman in a yellow vest standing in front of an industrial machine

Supply Chain

For those that can ensure a smooth flow of goods while securing the best deals and making sure everything is in the right place at the right time. Includes Procurement and Materials Management. 

Man holding a walkie talkie wearing a hard hat and yellow vest

Manufacturing & Operations

For the folks that aren't afraid to get their hands dirty. Includes Quality, EHS, and Continuous Improvement. 

Man sitting in front of a computer

Sales & Services

For the folks that are invested in building relationships, keeping an eye on the market, and embracing technology. Includes Program Management. 

Man sitting in front of a computer holding a wrench


For anyone ready to take on the crucial role of managing the efficiency, security, and innovation of our technological infrastructure. Includes Information Technology.

Woman sitting in front of a computer

Business Operations

For the folks that really keep the business going. Includes Human Resources, Finance, Legal, and Communications. 

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