Our Products


Battery Enclosures

As vehicles become more complex, their components need to work together in concert. With our lightweight and fully customizable Pentatonic Battery Enclosures, they can do just that, from partially hybrid to full battery electric vehicles. 


Fuel Systems

We offer a wide range of plastic fuel systems to suit every need from conventional hybrid fuel systems.  

sensor cleaning

Clear Vision Systems (CVS)

Our intelligent and customizable Allegro cleaning systems can be used from L1 to L5 autonomous vehicles, from single camera cleaning points to camera and LiDAR combinations, up to multi-point sensor systems in highly automated vehicles. The Kautex Allegro cleaning system is designed and developed to meet any customer cleaning needs. 


CWC Textron Castings

One-third of automobiles produced in North America contain camshafts produced at CWC Textron. Our product expertise ensures we stay at the forefront of combustion engine technologies.