Clear Vision Systems

Product portfolio overview

Washer fluid fill & storage

Wash Tank

Optimizing the filling process and storage of fluid

Our portfolio includes:

  • Injection or blow mold reservoirs
  • Integrated or separate inlet and filler tubes 
  • Fluid level sensors
  • Reservoir heating technology

Washer fluid management


Efficient transfer and management of fluid

Our Portfolio includes:

  • Full range of screen, headlamp and ADAS cleaning pumps
  • PP and PA66 corrugated hose
  • EPDM hoses
  • Heated hose technology
  • Various connectors, valves and clips

Surface cleaning


Nozzles ensuring the most efficient cleaning of component surfaces

Our Portfolio includes:

  • Screenwash nozzles with Pencil, Fan or Fluidic spray patterns
  • Heated wash nozzles
  • Telescopic headlamp wash nozzles
  • Static headlamp wash nozzles
  • Static ADAS wash nozzles
  • Telescopic ADAS wash nozzles