Kautex Green+ Products

Our product portfolio is now more sustainable! Green+ products are any Kautex product made with 20% biomass materials or 25% recycled materials.

Sustainable Products Made with Renewable or Recycled Materials

green+ sustainable products

Taking a step forward to reduce our environmental footprint

As part of our vision to become a better steward of the environment, Kautex is working to foster circularity and prevent waste and pollution in landfills and oceans. We do this by making products using recycled materials, such as fishing nets from the ocean. Green+ products also consider fossil-free solutions, such as biomass materials. These are mass-balanced drop-in solutions already available today for production.

You can find the Green+ brand on any Kautex product that is made with 20% renewable materials or 25% recycled materials. This includes Pentatonic Battery Enclosures, Allegro ADAS Cleaning Systems, Industrial Packaging, and Fuel Systems

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