Clear Vision Systems (CVS)

The Clear Advantage

Dirt from muddy roads, dust, frost, snow, and pollution can all affect the performance of your vehicle's windscreen (windshield), headlamp or optical sensors such as cameras and LiDARs. To help safeguard the full functionality of these components, Kautex Clear Vision Systems (CVS) has created solutions to ensure a clear view of the road ahead.  

Sensor cleaning

Kautex currently offers full system design and development for a number of ADAS wash solutions to to ensure proper functionality and safety. As vehicles become smarter, so do our cleaning systems.




Our Allegro systems have been developed through a combination of our extensive experience within the automotive industry, as well as understanding the needs of our customers. With this experience, we we deliver high-performance Allegro systems designed to fit any needs:


Allegro Prime

Uses water and air clearing systems to clean multiple camera points in the vehicle.

Allegro Plus

Uses water and air to clean cameras and LiDARs, including in rainy conditions. 

This can also include heated systems.

Allegro Premium

A smart controlled cleaning system based on years of cleaning expertise. Allegro Premium brings together our highest performing components and logic to tackle cleaning requirements in any environment.

washer systems

Screen Wash System

  • The screen wash system performs a key function on today’s vehicles, working in conjunction with the windshield wipers to provide clear visibility for the driver

  • Kautex CVS provides a full system design and development service

Headlamp Wash System

  • Dirt build-up on headlamps can increase glare to other road users or significantly reduce visibility for the driver
  • Kautex CVS has a wide range of Headlamp Wash solutions to deliver world class results

Safe, efficient and cost-effective

 Our designs offer vehicle manufacturers practical and cost-effective solutions that will improve safety and the overall driving experience for the end-user. Kautex CVS collaborates with our customers to create the design and functionality that will best fit their requirements. As a result, we have developed an extensive product line that includes not only the wash nozzles but the full system of reservoirs, sensors, inlets and pumps to provide the entire clear vision system.

Our product portfolio

From washer storage to fluid transfer and surface cleaning, CVS has a wide range of products to meet your needs.