About Pentatonic

underbody protection

Pentatonic Underbody Protection

A composite, lightweight solution for keeping batteries protected in any driving conditions. 

thermal management 3

Integrated Solutions for Battery Thermal Management

From water-glycol based cold plates to full plastic design and novel heat transfer fluids, we have the thermal management solutions our customers need.

BEV and HEV Enclosures

From hybrid to full battery electric vehicles

Our Pentatonic battery systems can be utilized in all levels of electric vehicles, from partially hybrid to fully battery electric.  Unlike other heavy and unyielding steel and aluminum battery housings, Pentatonic offers a customizable, lightweight solution in either thermoplastic composite or composite metal hybrid.

lightweight battery system

Our sustainable, lightweight solution for electric vehicles

Learn more about our lightweight Pentatonic Battery System, the benefits we offer to our customers, and our one-shot manufacturing process. 

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The materials and processes we use make safety the highest priority when it comes to production and application. Our non-conductive housing material reduces risk of electrical shock and corrosion, unlike our steel and aluminum counterparts.


Feature Integration

Features and thermal management components like cooling plates are integrated into one fully capable, lightweight system. Reduction of secondary process steps simplifies the assembly process, reducing the customer bill of material and improving cost by up to 20 percent. Fewer assembly steps reduce the number of sealing joints, which lessens the risk of leakage.


Manufacturing Process

Our "one shot" process uses reinforced materials and integrates structural elements directly into the injection or compression molding process, eliminating timely assembly steps at the customer's facility.

Benefits include fewer secondary operations, such as welding and riveting, shorter cycle times than steel and aluminum counterparts, and improved leak-tightness.



Pentatonic weighs up to 60% less than its steel and aluminum counterparts, which improves the range of the vehicle and allows the opportunity to adjust chassis components – such as suspension and brake systems.

Pentatonic allows the opportunity for maximum payload capacity while limiting CO2 emissions as well as energy consumption in both the vehicle and within the supply chain.

volumetric advantages

Volumetric advantages

The Pentatonic Battery System requires less clearance between the enclosure and the modules due to the isolating characteristics of our materials and the increased integration (e.g cooling plates) during the production process.



As the pioneers in plastic fuel tank production, our decades of expertise with fire tests, leak tightness proofing, and crash tests are utilized and extended to the requirements in designing as well as producing composite battery systems.